Ultra-Fast Sub-THz Detector

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Ultra-Fast Sub-THz Detector

Ultra-Fast Sub-THz Detector
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Ultra-Fast Sub-THz Detector Description

Figure shows data of a frequency mi xing experiment using TeraSen se" ultra-fast detector and local oscil lator with frequency of 97 GHz. Phot oresponse of th e detector measured as a fun cti on of diffe rent ial frequency lIf shows clear fir st-order filter behavior with cut -off frequency fo= 3.75 GHz, which corresponds to response time of about 300 ps.

Terasense" detector is sensit ive in a wide frequency range th ough it s frequency response is not cont inuous but consists of multiple bands.

Positions of th e peaks in th e responsivit y curve are tuned at th e manufacturing stage to suit client's requirements.
  • Response time 300 ps
  • Spect ral Range SOGHz- 0.7 THz
  • Responsivity 1V/W
  • Noi se Equivalent Power 500 pW/VHz
  • SMA output connecto r
  • Passive operat ion (no power supply)
  • Compact
  • Customer-ta ilo red solut ions
About Terasence
Terasense is a manufacturer of low-cost portable sub-terahertz imagin g cameras, generators and ult rafast detectors. Our prod ucts balance at th e cutting edge of scienti fic and te chnologi cal breakthroughs.TeraSense has headquart ers in Mounta in View (CA, USA) and Chernogolovka (Russia).The company has a st rong team of 20 skilled scient ists and engin eers.Most of them are young specialists wit h PhD. in th e field of microwave and t erahertz research.The team is led by hi ghl y renowned Prof. Igor Kukushkin, CEO, a corresponding member of th e Russian Academy of Sciences.

Product Description

Terasense" presents ultr a-fast detector for sub -THz radi ati on. It offe rs sub -nanosecond response t ime for t he bands from SO GHz to 0.7THz with reasonable sensit ivity and NEP. Its passive mode of ope rat ion ensures ultimate ease of use and versatility. Dimensions and output connector can be adjusted to suit customer needs.

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