Thermal Boat Source: TBS-2-800

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Thermal Boat Source: TBS-2-800
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Product Description

TBS-2-800 thermal boat sources are designed for light thin film metal evaporation. Two sources are fitted onto one NW100CF flange and are separated by a cross-contamination shielding. The sources can accommodate filaments or boats and can be positioned inside the chamber for either upwards or downwards evaporation.
The thermal boat sources are not directly watercooled, however, the design of the sources allows to introduce minimal thermal load to the chamber. TBS-2-800 are connected to a high-current power supply with 100A current upper limit.


  • Mounting flange
  • UHV
  • Boat sources
  • Boat/filament length

  • Max current
  • Shutters
  • Power supply


  • NW100CF / 6”
  • Yes, bakeable to 250C
  • 2
  • 17/8 “ as standard (can be changed on request
  • 100A
  • Yes
  • Included
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