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RF Ion Sources : RFMax
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Product Description

The RFMax ion sources are designed for use in UHV or HV deposition systems for applications where a broad, energetic beam of ions is required with a moderately low energy spread. The sources can generate ion beams from 50eV up to 1000eV and with beam currents between 10mA and 150mA. The beams have a typical divergence of 7 degrees when using nominally flat grids. Optionally, convex or concave grids may be mounted to give divergent or focussed beams, respectively.

The ion source contains a helical coil wrapped around a ceramic discharge tube. RF power at 13.56MHz is applied to this coil with a power between 100 and 600W at the same time as a gas is introduced into the discharge tube. The RF field generates a plasma within the discharge tube, thus supplying the charged particles which form the basis of the ion beam.


  • Mounting flange
  • In-vacuum length
  • In-vacuum diameter
  • Gas Compatibility
  • Cooling
  • RF Power
  • Gas Flow
  • Beam energy
  • Current density


  • NW63CF
  • 290mm (standard)
  • 57mm
  • O , N , H , Ar
  • Water (0.5l/min)
  • 30-600W
  • 8-10sccm
  • 0.1-1keV
  • Up to 5mA/cm


  • NW100CF
  • 290mm (standard)
  • 96mm
  • O , N , H , Ar
  • Water (0.5l/min)
  • 30-600W
  • 10-15sccm
  • 0.1-1keV
  • Up to 6mA/cm
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