Modular Deposition System: QPrep 500

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Modular Deposition System: QPrep 500
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Product Description

The Qprep500 system is based on a UHV, conflat flange platform. This allows true * UHV to be achieved while allowing excellent chamber access through the large top-flange. All joints are internally welded and polished on request to reduce to an absolute minimum any outgassing. Base ports are confocal as standard allowing a wider variety of deposition sources to be employed than with nonconfocal arrangements.

Two side-mounting ports for high-power ebeam sources can be specified while still leaving three confocal deposition ports in the base. The system can be equipped with pumps -1 ranging from 300 to 1500ls turbo pumps but alternative pump types can be specified.


  • Top Flange
  • Radial ports

  • Deposition ports
  • Pumping
  • Sample loading
  • Base Pressure
  • Frame

QPrep 500

  • Double O-ring or metal
  • Size and quantity defined by sample size and application
  • 5 (or 7) x NW100CF, 4 x NW35CF
  • 300 to 1000 ls options
  • Load-lock or quick entry door
  • <1 x 10
  • Low footprint frame on transport casters
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