Modular Deposition System: QBox 400

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Modular Deposition System: QBox 400
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Product Description

The QBox 400 is a high vacuum, front loading box style deposition chamber that is engineered for easy access to all components of the system to provide rapid maintenance and loading cycles. The chamber is outfitted will all conflat flanges for easy instrument integration. All deposition source ports are in a confocal arrangement to optimize deposition uniformity and coverage.

The chamber construction consists of all internal welds. The internal surfaces can be polished to minimize surface area and maximize vacuum performance.


  • Top Flange
  • Side ports
  • Deposition ports
  • Pumping
  • Sample loading
  • Base Pressure
  • Frame

QBox 400

  • NW200CF
  • 3 x NW100CF, 1 x NW150CF
  • 5 x NW100CF, 4 x NW35CF
  • 300ls to 1000 ls options
  • Front door.
  • 2 x 10 (standard)
  • Low footprint frame on transport casters
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