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Nanotechnology : MGC 75
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Product Description

The MANTIS MGC75 Thermal Gas Cracker source exploits e-beam heating technology utilizing an oxygen-resistant filament and incorporates a fine-bore inert cracker tube which is connected directly to the gas inlet line. The highly efficient catalytic nature of the instrument enables a substantially lower operating temperature (<1000C), requiring minimal power (<60W) to achieve substantial dissociation (>70%). This is in sharp contrast to Tungsten filament cracker designs which are incompatible with reactive gases and use a much higher temperature while not inducing a high dissociation. The MGC75 body is directly water-cooled to ensure minimal out-gassing of the instrument. A dual filament design allows for continuous operation over long periods without maintenance. Because of the excellent water-cooling and need for low gas flow and power, the MGC75 places very little heat and gas load into your vacuum chamber. The MANTIS cracker is ideal for use with hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine and other reactive gases. The source is fully UHV compatible employing a NW35CF flange.


  • Mounting flange
  • In-vacuum length
  • In-vacuum diameter
  • Max Power Required for optimum cracking
  • Gas Flow
  • Cracking Efficiency
  • Cooling

MGC 75

  • NW35CF
  • 200mm
  • 34mm
  • 75W

  • 0-1 sccm
  • Upto 90% Hydrogen
  • Water
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