High-mass quadrupole mass filter: Mesoq

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High-mass quadrupole mass filter: Mesoq
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Product Description

At Mantis Deposition we offer a complementary range of instruments for the deposition and characterisation of nanoparticles. Our MesoQ mass filter allows the user to generate precise beams of size-selected nanoparticles when it is placed in line with NanoGen50 nanoparticle source.

The MesoQ is a quadrupole mass filter. By applying AC and DC voltages to four straight metal rods, any ionised particles passing through the rods will be forced into an oscillating path. For a given AC frequency and amplitude, only one mass (within the resolution of the instrument) will continue on a stable oscillating path. Other masses will be rejected. By varying the frequency and amplitude, the selected mass can be changed.

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