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MATS Atom Sources
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Product Description

Atom sources offer a solution which provides a reactive monatomic flux of various gases that are thermal dynamically stable as diatomic species. By producing an inductively coupled plasma, the gas is dissociated into various species that includes ions, monatomic radicals, and diatomic radicals. In MATS sources, the majority of the species coming out of the instrument is neutral, which is ideal for epitaxial growth. The source is supplied with automatic tuning and can be operated with O2, N2, H2, CH4 gases.


  • Mounting flange
  • In-vacuum length
  • In-vacuum diameter
  • Gas Compatibility
  • Cooling
  • RF Power
  • Gas Flow


  • NW63CF
  • 290mm (standard)
  • 57mm
  • O2, N2, H2, CH4...
  • Water
  • 30-600W
  • 0.1-20 sccm


  • NW100CF
  • 290mm (standard)
  • 96mm
  • O , N , H , CH ...
  • Water
  • 30-600W
  • 0.01-30 sccm
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