UHV Deposition System: M600

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UHV Deposition System: M600
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Product Description

M series deposition systems are designed for depositing films predominantly via MBE and offer a UHV conflat flange platform with a large metal-sealed top flange. We offer chambers with sizes of 400 and 600mm. The cylindrical chamber has a hemispherical base with an opportunity to house a large number of deposition sources.

Mantis manufactures a wide range of effusion cells designed for high purity high precision evaporation of materials as well as specialist K-cells for MBE applications.

The system is usually equipped with cryogenically cooled panels and a full bakeout tent is used to ensure a base pressure in the range of 10-10 Torr. All deposition controls and recipes along with system controls may be automated within comprehensive automation platform.


  • Chamber
  • Construction
  • Top flange
  • Radial ports

  • Deposition ports
  • Pumping
  • Main pump
  • Backing pumps
  • Base pressure
  • Manipulator
  • Sample mount
  • Sample loading

  • Other
  • Electronics
  • Gauging
  • Frame


  • --
  • Cylinder/hemispherical, UHV
  • Metal-sealed
  • Size and quantity defined by sample size and application
  • 5 (or 7) x NW100CF 4 x NW35CF
  • --
  • 300 ls to 2ls Turbo Ion, cryo options
  • Dry pumps (scroll)
  • <1x10 Torr (see note below)
  • --
  • Suitable for 2-6” samples
  • Through sample entry door or optional load-lock
  • --
  • Cabinet-mounted
  • Ion gauge/Pirani
  • Low footprint frame on transport casters
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