LFA 1000 - Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

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LFA 1000

LFA 1000 - Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
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Product Description

Information of the thermo physical properties of materials and heat transfer optimization of final products is becoming more and more vital for industrial applications. Over the past few decades, the flash method has developed into the most commonly used technique for the measurement of the thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of various kinds of solids, powders and liquids.

The Linseis LFA 1000 Laser Flash is the most modular and precise Instrument for the determination of Thermal Diffusivity, Conductivity and Specific Heat Values. Its sample robot for up to 6 Samples at the same time allows unbeaten turnaround times. The three user exchangeable furnaces allow measurements from -125 up to 1600°C.

A number of different sample holders for applications such as solids, liquids, melts and slags are available. The compact design allows the separation of hardware and electronics as well as the installation under a hood for nuclear applications.

The application measurement: Application Example: Copper/Aluminum, reference material Pyroceram 9606 and Isotropic Graphite (AIST).


  • Temperature range
  • --
  • --
  • Pulse source Nd
  • Measurement of temp. rise
  • Measuring range th. diffusivity
  • Measuring range th. conductivity
  • Sample dimensions

  • Sample Thickness
  • Nr. of Samples
  • Sample holder
  • Sample holder for liquids
  • Atmospheres
  • Electronics
  • Interface

LFA 1000

  • -125 up to 500°C
  • RT up to 1250°C
  • RT up to 1600°C
  • YAG Laser 25 J/pulse
  • Contact less with IR detector (InSb or MCT)
  • 0.01 mm2/s ... 1000 mm2/s
  • 0.1 W/mk ... 2000 W/mK
  • round samples 10, 12.7 ... 25.4 mm diameter square samples 10x10 mm
  • 0.1 mm ... 6 mm
  • Sample robot for up to 6 samples
  • metal/SiC/Graphite
  • available
  • inert, oxidizing, reducing, vacuum
  • Integrated
  • USB
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