L75PT Vertical Dilatometer (DIL Dilatometer)

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L75PT Vertical Dilatometer(DIL Dilatometer)
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Product Description

The vertical research Dilatometer series L75V was developed to meet the demands of the academic community and research laboratories worldwide. With this system thermal expansion behavior of solids, liquids, powders and pastes for a variety of applications can be precisely determined. The unique vertical design of this system is perfect for low or ultra low expansion materials, since the vertical “Zero-Friction” design guarantees superior measuring results. This line of Dilatometers is capable of performing measurements under vacuum, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.

This system can be ordered in a single or differential version for even higher precision or sample throughput. Optionally the mechanical and electronic components of the dilatometer can be separated to allow measurements in a glove box

The following physical properties can be measured:

CTE, Linear Thermal Expansion, Alpha Physical, Sintering Temperature, Phase Transformations, Softening Points, Decomposition Temperatures, Glass Transition Temperatures.

The measurement of application of glass ceramic and ceramics/powder metallurgy can be seen here.


  • Configuration
  • Temperature range
  • --
  • Heating/cooling rates
  • Sample holders
  • --
  • --
  • Sample length
  • Sample diameter
  • Adjustable Sample pressure
  • Measuring range
  • Resolution
  • Atmospheres
  • Calculated DTA
  • Electronics
  • Interface


  • Single or differential
  • -150 up to 500/700/1000°C
  • RT ... 1000/1400/1600/2000/2400°C
  • 0.01 K/min ... 100 K/min
  • fused silica <1100°C
  • Al2O3 <1750°C
  • Graphite 2000°C
  • max. 50 mm
  • 7/12/20 mm
  • up to 1000 mN
  • 500/5000 µm
  • 0.125 nm
  • reducing, inert, oxidizing, static/dynamic
  • optional
  • Integrated
  • USB
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