Research Optical Dilatometer series - CTE: L74

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Research Optical Dilatometer

Research Optical Dilatometer series - CTE: L74
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Product Description

The Optical Research Dilatometer L74 was developed to meet the demanding applications of the glass, ceramics, metal and energy industry. A high resolution CCD camera enables a visual real time analysis of the sample expansion, either as single frame or as video sequences. The big advantage of this method is that the sample is not burdened with any force. For soft samples or samples that melt during the measurement, this leads to a result, which is not distorted by the contact pressure.

Several correction and analysis features are incorporated into the LINSEIS Evaluation Software. The unique horizontal design enables most demanding applications. The special solid-liquid adapter allows expansion / volume measurements of solids, liquids and solid – liquid phase transitions. There is also a special sample holders for measuring rigid foils available, which avoids measurement errors due to pushrod forces like in a classical dilatometer.

Non contact Expansion measurement
High resolution CCD camera
Heating microscope
Optical Fleximeter
Sessile Drop
Contact angle
Solid- liquid expansion (optional adapter)

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  • Temperature Range
  • --
  • Measuring system
  • Accuracy
  • Atmosphere
  • Interface


  • -100°C up to 500°C
  • RT up to 500/1000/1500/1700°C
  • optical non contact
  • up to 1 µm
  • 10E-2 mbar
  • USB
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