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Identipol QA

Plastic Analyzer : identiPol QA
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Product Description

Polymers and plastics are notoriously difficult to quality assure.To fully characterise and check a polymer usually requires advanced analytical techniques and a skilled material scientist. Typically, simple tests such as a melt flow index are employed but really do not provide a holistic assessment of the material.
The all new identiPol QA offers a major new economical approach to this problem. Based upon hybridised thermal analysis methodology, the assessment of materials is very rapid and exceptionally easy to use.

Rapid QA of Plastics
Set-up is fast and most users are measuring samples within half an hour.
No complicated data to interpret, just a single numerical value showing how close the new is to the old.
The high speed thermal analysis principal behind this technology means that the tests are not affected by strong colours or fillers such as carbon black that have affected results from other devices in the past.

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