Dielectric Thermal Analyser : DS6000

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DS 6000

Dielectric Thermal Analyser : DS6000
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Product Description

The DS6000 range offers the most flexible, cost effective Dielectric Thermal Analyser systems available today. It records the thermal relaxation of viscoelastic materials using Dielectric as the sensing medium.


  1. Low Thermal Mass assembly
  2. Highly efficient and fast cooling available
  3. Start Temperatures from -190ºC
  4. Cup Electrodes for liquids
  5. Controlled Humidity DETA possible
  6. Unique rotating head design
  7. High performance to cost ratio
  8. Unparalleled flexibility
  9. Lowest temperature range
  10. Advanced control via Triton Laboratory software


  • Rotational Analytical Head:

  • Environmental Conditioning:

  • Temperature Range:

  • Heating and Cooling Rates:
    (standard air oven)

  • Coolant Consumption:


  • Vertically up
    Vertical down
    Horizontal (forward)
    Any angle in between
  • Air oven (standard) or *Humidity control chamber
    (*optional - not included with standard DS6000)
  • Standard Furnace -190°C to 300°C
    Humidity Control Chamber 20 to 90ºC
  • Heating rate 0 to 20ºC/min (mid range)
    Cooling rate 0 to 40ºC/min (mid range)
  • -100°C 5 minutes 0.3 L Liquid N2
    -150°C 10 minutes <1 L Liquid N2
    -190°C 15 minutes <1 L Liquid N2 Lit. Ref. TTPIS_DS6000
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