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Product Description

The Z-Series from hte is a range of unique, custom-designed, high throughput “sub-pilot” reactor systems which offer large-scale testing on a lab-scale unit. Each system is specifically designed to meet your exact requirements and demonstrates top-quality engineering as well as hte’s extensive in-house scientific and software expertise within the field of high throughput catalyst and process development.

Meeting your Development and Optimization Needs The Z-Series is designed to be the next logical high throughput step following your catalyst R&D. Each system allows the scale-up of processes to incorporate higher catalyst volumes and can also carry out full extrudate testing. This aims to facilitate catalyst and process development and optimization, and can be used for kinetic modelling. The Z-Series effectively bridges the gap between catalyst screening and pilot plant testing; reducing time and costs, minimizing risk and providing higher degrees of flexibility.

Each unit is custom built based upon hte technology innovations which have been validated through years of application under real world conditions in our own laboratories. This allows us to deliver solutions which offer:
Outstanding performance in terms of speed and efficiency Excellent data quality – comparable to pilot plant data

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