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Product Description

The X-Series from hte has been specifically developed to address the constantly increasing interest and demand for high throughput testing within the chemicals, environmental and energy & refining industries. hte has used the past ten years of working in close collaboration with clients in these fields to constantly expand its technology and expertise portfolio leading to the development of a range of ‘out-of-the-box’ base parallel reactor systems and accompanying predefined, up-gradable modules. This development now allows us to offer high quality, flexible systems which suit all budgets.
The X-Series allows you to take full advantage of our expertise and years of experience in the field of high throughput catalyst testing by choosing one of our application specific base packages.

These packages are available for the following fields of applications:
Gas-Phase Chemistry X2000
Syngas Conversion X3000
Trickle-Flow Operation X4000
Each package consists of the necessary base components required to run your chemistry, including the crucial control software. The different packages cover the following parameters:
Temperatures ranging from 50°C – 850°C
Pressures ranging from 0.25 bar – 250 bar
Catalyst volumes up to 1.5 ml

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